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Swimming Pool and Spa Repairs

At JT’s Pool, we are proud of all of our work but we believe that no one can offer what we offer in swimming pool repair services in South Florida’s Broward County. If you have a leak, or perhaps you believe your pool has a structural crack; we are the right company to call. We work hard everyday to provide great service. We can help with most swimming pool repairs like your swimming pool’s plumbing, lighting, pumps and filters, chlorinate systems, etc. Just give us a call, ask us questions (we love it), and we will schedule an appointment at your earliest convenience.

We Repair:  Pumps – Blowers – Energy Efficient Pumps – Motors – Filters – Commercial Filter Grids – Non Entrapment Systems – Chemical Feeders – Salt Chlorine Generators – Valves – Gas Heaters – Electric Heat Pumps – Pool Lighting – Multi-Color Led Light Systems – Handrails – Deep End Ladders – Automatic Cleaners – Leak Detections – Skimmers – Vacuum Lines – Pool & Spa – Returns – Main Mains – Acid & Chlorine Wash – Re-grout Pool Tile Perimeter.

Leak Detection and Repair

JT’s Pool enjoys a reputation as one of the premiere leak locator in the area. Our troubleshooting capabilities have rendered tremendous success in leak detection. Once located, your leak can be repaired above and below ground by the same team that found it.

Our leak detection service is based on three different steps we take to find a leak in your pool. We use the visual test, dye test and electronic test if the first two did not work. The water pressure test is also available.

Any repairs that can be done using under water epoxies, or byte tape that are in the pool are included in the price of our leak detection test.

All of our leak repair services are warranted for 35 days from the first time we were there. Any underground repairs are warranted for one year after completion. It is important for the pool owner to monitor the water level for 48 hours after any repair was made so we can be contacted immediately.

Structural Cracks

This is a very popular service offered by JT’s Pool. Our methods have enjoyed tremendous success in the treatment of cracks.    

Tiles and Coping

JT’s Pool offers a professional tile and coping (such as brick, stone, and concrete) work for your pool. We will remove the old tile, prepare the surface and put new tile on your pool.  The possibilities are almost unlimited.  We offer a wide variety of tile patterns from several sources so you are sure to find one that suits your tastes. We professionally manage every aspect of the job and stand behind every job we do.

JT’s Pool (as a service company) wants to develop a long-term relationship with each customer, so that drives us to make sure that every job is done well and Customer Satisfaction is Guaranteed!

Plumbing and Main Drains

We should be very aware of the dangers of body entrapment and drowning due to faulty main drain protection. We help you avoid this silent danger through the replacement of covers and frames by installing Non Entrapment Main Drain Cover. We also unclog the Main Drain Lines.   

Body Entrapments

Who would think that a nice, cool, inviting pool could go from "summer treat" to "dangerous trap" in the blink of an eye? While pools can serve as havens from summer heat, suction from a pool's drain can trap a swimmer under the water, resulting in serious injury or drowning.

The U.S. Consumer Product Safety Commission (CPSC) reports that 250 children under five years old drown each year, and another 2,300 are treated for injuries in hospitals.
Children are not the only ones at risk. Since 1990, 130 adults have been entrapped in pool and spa drains, resulting in 27 deaths, according to the CPSC.

While closely supervising a pool area is the best way to prevent an entrapment accident, there are several other ways to protect children from this hazard.
Check a pool's drain covers before each use, because they become brittle and will break or come loose and fall off. Suzanne Barrows, senior director of communications and marketing for the Association of Pool and Spa Professionals, recommends that pool owners not allow anyone in the pool if a drain cover is missing or broken. For pools with only one drain, Barrows suggests anti-vortex drain covers.

Hand Rails and Wall Ladders

Cracked and chipped steps can present a hazard to swimmers. Water soaked feet can be badly cut if plaster steps, or plastic instep wall ladders are cracked or broken. Our underwater replacement technique allows you to avoid this danger.

In deep areas of your pool, ladders should be installed. Also, we can offer you Hand Rails Deck to Step &  Deck to Deck with different Stainless Steel models and sizes – we will do the installation.   Call us for details. 


Spend less time cleaning your swimming pool and more time enjoying it. Let's face it: you're buying a swimming pool so you can have fun, not so you can spend time cleaning it. That's why JT’s Pool Repair and Remodeling offers you skimmer repair or replacement.  Sometimes also called scuppers, the pool skimmer is a real time saver. Properly operating, the skimmer is designed to draw floating debris into the skimmer basket, before it sinks to the bottom. Swimming pool skimmers are simple devices.

For safety reasons, keep the skimmer lid tightly secured onto the skimmer. Cracked lids or those that are not in place can cause severe leg and ankle injuries if stepped on. Secondly, very small children could lift the lid and fall into the pool skimmer head first.  Skimmer baskets should be replaced if cracked or dry-rotted, so they don't allow debris into the pump basket. Skimmer weirs are very important for proper functioning, and should be replaced if they are missing or broken. Generic spring loaded weirs can be used if the OEM weir is not available. These are ordered by their width, from 5" to 9"
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  • Return Lines
  • Main Drains
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