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Swimming Pool and Spa Remodeling

When you think about pool renovation, you have to think about JT’s Pool Swimming Pool Repair and Remodeling services. Today's homeowners understand the value and benefits of remodeling projects of any kind. Remodeling your swimming pool can make a dramatic difference to the look and feel of your home and yard. JT’s Pool can help you develop a remodeling plan that will turn your existing pool into a breathtaking backyard escape. Consider what you can do with a simple rectangular pool… convert it into a luxurious resort-style getaway with rock waterfalls, a spa spillover, a beach entry, and dramatic landscaping.

Remodeling projects can change everything about your pool - add a few special details, or simply resurface your pool and deck. Do as much or as little as you desire. Explore all the exciting and affordable options available when enhancing your existing pool and let us help you with your project.

Diamond Brite

A great pool finish is comfortable, durable, easy to maintain and pleasing to the eye. Diamond Brite from JT’s Pools is all of that and more. Diamond Brite has at its heart beautiful natural quartz, one of purest and hardest minerals. JT’s Pool combines these quartz aggregates with polymer-modified cement and non-fading Diamond Quartz to create a spectacular array of colors.

Diamond Brite stands up to the harshest pool chemicals and the roughest weather conditions. The pure clear colors won’t fade, rust or rub off. Diamond Brite is comfortable and slip resistant too. JT’s Pools has made Diamond Brite pools easy care. The strength of the natural quartz resists stains and etching. And unlike plaster pools, Diamond Brite pools can be drained without being damaged. Diamond Brite comes in different colors. Each one reflects the water, sky and surroundings in a unique way.

Ivory, Classic, Premium White, Oyster Quartz, Blue Quartz, Aqua Quartz, Super Blue, Blue, Cool Blue, Perl, Marlin  Blue, Aqua Blue, French Gray, Tahoe Blue, Midnight Blue, Mojave Beige, Verde, Onyx.

Natural Stone

Naturally beautiful, durable, valuable, reusable, environmentally friendly. Since travertine is a natural stone, no two pieces are ever alike. Your project will have a unique look that cannot be copied or duplicated, it will bring a great enjoyment into your home.

Since stone can be withstand the ravages of weather, it is unlikely to be damaged, is highly resistant to heat, scratching, staining and acidity, is the perfect solution for tropical and humid climates, their natural coolness provides a satisfying walking surface for bare feet.
Colors - Ivory - Country Classic - Gold - Silver - Noche.


We can help you with light niches, color lights and transformers. Dramatic lighting can change the look of your pool and give it an atmosphere for parties and more.

Add or modify pool lighting to extend your poolside entertaining well into the evenings. In fact, lighting can change the entire mood of the pool at night. Enjoy the dramatically different atmosphere as late as you like! 

Pool Lights:
Underwater lights for swimming; adds color
• LED Water Jets
• Color Logic LED Illumination System
• Color Splash LED Light Bulb
• Pure White LED Pool Light

  Call us for details.


Enhance the Beauty and Value of  your
Property with Pool Remodeling

Coping - Cement Clay - Travertine - Bullnose  - Swimming Pool Tiling Custom Mosaics   - Entrance Step and Bench Tiles  and more...

Diamond Brite - Florida Gem - Sheer descents - Waterfalls and more... 

Pool Decking - Cement Paver - Travertine Paver - Brick Paver - Deck drains -  Commercial Deck Drains - Uro-Tile.

Sheer Descents, Cascades and Waterfalls 

Naturally beautiful, durable, valuable, reusable, environmentally friendly.
Since travertine is a natural stone, no two pieces are ever alike. Your project will have  a unique look that cannot be copied or duplicated, it will bring a great enjoyment

Water, water everywhere… Playful rock waterfalls, elegant fountains, spa spillovers,  and sheer water features can completely change the way you feel about your pool.  Instead of "just the pool" behind your house, you can have a mountainside or a lagoon  in your backyard. A rock cave would be romantic, especially hidden behind a delicate  cascade of sheer water, and fountains splashing along the perimeter could add the  perfect classic touch to an already elegant pool.

Rock features and waterfalls are the perfect complement to lagoon-style or free form  pools, and they also can add visual interest and beauty to more standard shapes. Add  a full rock wall complete with cascading water to one end of your pool and enjoy the  illusion of relaxing at the foot of a mountain. For the romantic, create a private rock  cave hidden behind your new waterfall. Underwater seating ledges can make your  cave even more appealing!

Graceful sheer water features bring elegance to a new level. Create intriguing designs with spas, fountains, and rocks all with sheer water smoothly gliding into the water. Equally dramatic during the day as they are accented with strategic lighting, sheer water features combine the lovely sound of falling water with subtle design effects to provide an exciting visual masterpiece.

Fountains have always been a classic addition to elegant pool settings. Detached or gently splashing into your pool, a fountain will provide a beautiful addition to any pool.
Spa spillovers make the transition from the spa to your pool exciting! Why place your spa yards away from the pool on another deck when adding a spa presents such an opportunity for great design! Elevate the spa among a mountain of rocks and create an exciting waterfall at the same time, or redesign the pool to accommodate the spa for a sheer water descent into the surface of the pool. You can even reverse the process and let the pool spillover into the spa in a unique negative edge design! Breathtaking possibilities await your pool!

A truly remarkable pool feature, the negative edge will quite possibly make your pool the envy of all your friends and the talk of the neighborhood. Utilizing an intriguing optical illusion, your pool will appear to extend into the surrounding landscape with no boundaries. An exceptional feature, especially for pools with a great view! 


Acid Wash

Also called a drain & clean, an acid wash becomes necessary if the pool has turned into the "black lagoon". This may occur if the winterizing process is not done properly, or if the pool has been stagnant for a period of time so that algae have taken over.

Our general rule of thumb for determining the need for an acid wash is: if you can see the bottom of the pool (the floor) then you can bring it back with chemicals, labor and filtering. If the floor is not visible, the cost of the chemicals and labor will generally be greater than the acid wash charge, and take much, much longer. Also, extensive algae blooms will stain plastered pools, making an acid wash desirable.

An acid wash is, put simply, purposeful stripping of a tiny layer of plaster, exposing fresh plaster beneath. Therefore, it is ill-advised to make it an annual custom, which will accelerate the need for replastering. Most plaster coats (sometimes called whitecoat or marcite) are in excess of 1/2", so a few careful acid washes should not hurt. Pools can also be bleach washed, pressure washed or treated with citric acid.

You may also decide on an acid wash not because of swamp conditions, but just to bring out a brighter, whiter finish. Mineral stains and/or deposits, chlorine stains, even dirt acid wash is always a dramatic aesthetic improvement.

If your pool has had years of algae blooms, and if your pool seems to grow algae overnight or just bloom very easily....changing the water and acid washing the surfaces algae sticks to can give you an algae free summer. Call JT’s Pool Repair and Remodeling to get this done for you.

Acid is a dangerous substance. Pool company personnel are specially trained in its application and wear protective clothing and breathing apparatus during the acid wash. To protect our environment, the acid/water waste should be neutralized with soda ash prior to its being pumped to a safe location.

If you decide to drain and clean your own pool, make sure that the hydrostatic relief plugs are pulled as soon as possible, and that the water is pumped to a distant location, or into a storm drain. You may also need to check with local water authorities for waste water discharge regulations.

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