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Swimming Pool Equipment Installation and Repair

JT’s Pool Repair and Remodeling is committed to provide the best parts for your pool equipment. As you may already now, sometimes is better to replace than repair and we will be honest with you whichever the case is.

Call us if your pump is not working properly or maybe your pool heater needs to be looked at. If your pool equipment is not maintained properly, more expensive repairs may need to be done in order to fix the problem. Call us and we will send one of our experts to teach you what we know about swimming pool equipment.

Pumps and Filters

Even though pumps and filters are dependable devices and engineered for long life, eventually they might present an inadequacy in effectiveness. Unless your pump or filter breaks down entirely, it may not always be clear when one isn't working properly. Worse yet, it's possible both the filter and the pump are working fine, but the pool professional installed a system where the pump and filter don't work particularly well together (this is more common in older, above ground pools). Here, at JT’s Pool, we are willing to work with the most demanding installations, setting a new standard of performance for your swimming pool pump and filter.
On the other hand, a problem with your pump or filter can mean nothing more than a clogged or damaged hose. Even a properly working pump and filter system won't prevent water quality problems without the proper chemical treatments. Give us a call, and let us check the hoses and other easily accessible parts of your pool filtration system.

Chlorinate Systems

There are several different ways to chlorinate your swimming pool. The one that JT’s Pool uses most is the pool chlorinator system. They run automatically with your pump and filter systems. It involves adding 1" or 3" Chlorine tablet and the pool chlorinator slowly dispenses it into your swimming pool. The pool chlorinator controls the amount of chlorine that is put into the swimming pool.

Salt Chlorine Generators make chlorine by passing low voltage electrical current through the pool water and converting the chloride ions from salt into chlorine. The Chlorine Generators provide 100% of chlorine requirement. Salt is simply dumped straight into the shallow end of the swimming pool. Some of the Chlorine Generators include the AquaRite, Auto-Pilot, and Zodiac Chlorine Generator.

There are other alternative sanitizers that can chlorinate your swimming pool. Salt Generators and Ozonators are growing in popularity. These sanitizers give you another option other than chlorine to keep your swimming pool sanitized.

Salt Systems

Saltwater chlorination has become a mainstream feature in the United States over the past 10 years. It is widely preferred because of its ease of maintenance, water quality and ease of algae control. We offer all of the main brands of salt water systems in order to keep the water clean, soft, and inviting, without the red, irritated eyes, itchy skin or chlorine smell! Without any doubt, a JT’s Pool representative can tell you whether the salt system is malfunctioning or if it is simply a matter of water chemistry. If you still have questions, please feel free to call our office. We would be happy to answer them and help you choose the salt system that best meets your needs.

Heater Repair

Depending upon individual use and application of your pool, the heater might get damaged along with time and might not work properly. There are several features to take in consideration to find out if your heat pump is working correctly:
  • Is it energy efficient?
  • Does it provide quick and consistent heating?
  • Does it have a reliable dual-voltage ignition system?
  • Is it patented rust-resistant water path?
At JT’s Pool, we believe that a pool heater is a wise investment as it increases the value of your pool and extends your swimming season. If you answer no to any of the previous questions, you heater might not be working properly, don’t waste any more time and money. Give us a call. Don’t hesitate! 

Heat Pump Repair

Did you know you can extract heat from chilly outside air and use it to heat your house? This feat is performed by the magic of a heat pump--an appliance that uses refrigeration technology rather than fuel combustion to provide warmth and cooling.

If you want an energy-efficient way to heat your swimming pool, consider using a heat pump pool heater. Heat pumps use electricity to capture heat and move it from one place to another. They don't generate heat. Heat pump pool heaters cost more than gas pool heaters, but they typically have much lower annual operating costs because of their higher efficiencies. With proper maintenance, heat pump pool heaters typically last longer than gas pool heaters.

There are literally thousands of service and repair companies in the county; unfortunately most confuse the words repair and replace by telling you that you need to replace it and how much money you will save by replacing your heat pump unit whether it works or not. Some are also very good at taking several hundred dollars a year from you to make you feel good that someone has looked at the equipment and does nothing. What we try to do at JT’s Pool is instead of a once or twice a year maintenance, you can have us do a minor repair or upgrade which will actually save you money and or improve comfort.

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